Judith Turner

Judith’s Alexander Technique sessions have provided a life-transforming experience. In a world where so much emphasis is placed upon ‘doing', the technique focuses on learning to move through everyday activities with ease. Judith is an exceptional teacher with a wealth of knowledge and intuitive understanding. I am now free of migraines and back pain and I have also been able to apply the technique to all aspects of my life. Without doubt, Judith’s lessons are a worthwhile investment that I would highly recommend.
Kate, 48, management consultant

I've had a niggling back problem for years, and have tried everything to ease it from Pilates to physio to chiropractor. Since I've been to Judith, however, I have been so much more comfortable and can now sleep through the night again. Judith helps you to work with your body to manage your back, improving your posture and your understanding of it.
Kathryn, 46

I had suffered from lower back pain for over 10 years before I finally found my way to Judith. I had tried physiotherapy and acupuncture and was due to see a doctor about pain-relieving injections when I was advised by an osteopath to see Judith to discuss the Alexander Technique. I was very keen to avoid medical intervention and so I thought I would have one last try.
   I have been seeing Judith for over two years. We started with two sessions a week – quite an intensive program but now we see each other once a month. I cannot explain quite what she has done for me, but my back pain has been significantly reduced. I can do things now that I absolutely avoided before, and I know how to manage what I do so that I am more mobile and comfortable. The Alexander Technique has made my back so much better and I really look forward to my sessions.  Thank you so much Judith!
                   Vanessa, 42, editor

As a result of adopting the Alexander Technique I have seen a real and substantial improvement in the discomfort and pain I was experiencing in my jaw due to TMJ. Associated benefits have included an improvement in my posture, upper body strength, a better understanding of voice projection and on a practical level, foods that I was having to avoid such as crusty bread and nuts, have become possible again! After an initial detailed and supportive consultation, Judith provided a clear plan of treatment and advice to help me learn the techniques to rebalance my body. She regularly reviews progress with me and at all times I feel involved in the treatment plan. A consummate professional whom I would absolutely recommend.
Amanda, 55, careers advisor

As an active sportsman I became increasingly frustrated with constantly niggling lower back pain. Over the years I spent many hours with physios and under their instruction in the gym working on my core stability. I also underwent a series of lumbar facet joint blocks to help relieve the pain and allow me to get moving again. All these provided short-term relief but did not offer a permanent solution to managing my back pain. In 2008 I read a BMJ article on a controlled trial of the use of the Alexander Technique for chronic and recurrent back pain, and decided to search out a teacher. As luck would have it, I found Judith Turner, a highly experience teacher, lived just a few streets away in Woolton Hill.
    For the past several years I have been seeing Judith on a regular basis. Through my lessons with her I have learnt to manage my back pain and removed the need for painkillers. These lessons have helped retrain my body, allowing me to move about in an efficient and pain-free way.  Every now and then I feel a twinge but have the confidence that a quick session with Judith will help set me right again. Judith has a wealth of experience and an uncanny knack of spotting when things aren't quite right, more importantly knowing exactly what to do to put me back on the right path.
Andrew, 46, COO software company

I met Judith last year with a lower back problem, a few recurring injuries and a sense of wearing myself out. I work hard, travel and love to exercise and push myself at fitness and sports such as running, cycling, rowing, gym, and I also enjoy golf and swimming. I would often leave the gym or complete a bike ride with a sense of enjoyment from pushing myself physically and mentally, but also a nagging feeling that something was not quite right. Over the years I had spent time and money with osteopaths, chiropractors, CHEK practitioners and undergone physiotherapy, massage and even magnetic field therapy as a teenager.
   After 20 years of living a predominantly healthy and fit life, there were times when my lower back would lock and spasm, and it would take a few days to calm down. Each medical practitioner I went to see tended to work on ‘fixing the symptoms’ and ‘putting out the fire’ while I was searching to understand ‘the cause’ and to ‘stop the fires’ from occurring. I was introduced to Judith, and was open-minded, but as somebody who likes to ‘do’ I was not sure about the approach of ‘not doing’ as a solution.
    Several months on, I am delighted with where I am.  Judith teaches me how to ‘use’ my body to avoid ‘misuse’ so that I can do the things I want to do; I work hard and exercise hard, but without wearing myself out. The teaching is the best part for me, because Judith is teaching me to avoid ‘misuse’ so that I can apply the simple techniques to all aspects of my life. It took a while to learn and understand, but I now find myself automatically changing how I sit when driving a car, in meetings and riding my bike, how I stand on the Tube, how I type and use a mouse, swim and swing a golf club, and how I ‘use’ my body when lifting and moving weights. Judith has taught me to ‘listen to the whispers’ and pay attention to any signs of my body giving me feedback so that ‘I don’t have to hear the screams’.  I am much more aware of how to ‘use’ my body and to how my body is responding to different activities.
    Judith has been great. I push myself, and she helps me achieve what I want to in a way that helps me achieve my goals. I challenge her and ask lots of questions, as I am keen to understand and empower myself. She also challenges me and has changed my perceptions and corrected some of my assumptions and misunderstandings. This is not a silver bullet or an immediate fix. Like all good things in life, it takes time to understand, observe and apply the lessons but the sense of empowerment and freedom from pain and niggles is remarkable. I want to be healthy, fit and strong for a long time, and to be young with my kids and their kids, and I want to take responsibility for it, and Judith has been a big help in making that a reality.
Alexander, 40, vice-president of a multinational company
Judith Turner
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